Lovers’ Day

In “Bai Khong Ten So 28 (Anh Cam On Em),” Vu Thanh An has written and Tuan Ngoc has articulated what I wanted to say: “Anh yeu em nhu yeu dong sua ngot ngao.” That’s right my sweet Valentine, I love you like I love my milkshake or a chubby kid loves cheesecake.

Thanks to the inclement, Vassar is closed today. Didn’t have to drag my lazy behind to work; therefore, I spend my snowy morning with Anita O’Day. Of course, her music could be played at any occasions, but for the lovers’ day in particular, “My Funny Valentine” is perfect. “What is This Thing Called Love,” however, is also necessary to lift your spirit out of the stormy blue. In addition, “Four Brothers,” which has nothing to do with V-day, is included just because I love way she scats. You can listen to these three tracks at my Dope Jam station courtesy of

Even though Google had intentionally left the “L” out of its Valentine’s logo, Gawker had put it back in for them. Nice job!