Viet Voices

Sick and tired of hearing me? Well, I am, so here are some of the Vietnamese blogs I recommend:

Vietnamese young generation should take note from MsNguyen’s reflection of Tet:

I love Tết to the point that my heart aches when knowing other Vietnamese discard it, throw it away from the window like it has no significance to their existences and identities at all. It hurts when other Vietnamese would pick up Christmas and Thanksgiving as deemed important and cultural “superior” than Tết, as if it’s a “cool” and “culturally assimilated” trend.

TTBlue on Le Minh Son:

Le Minh Son recently release a new album that he composed/sang/produced at the same time labled “Gieng Lang.” I’ve yet to decide whether to subject myself to another round of torture of call it off altogether. After so many disappointments, it’s hard to give it a go.

HmL’s hooked on Ngoc Ha:

In this compilation of Pre-War music (Nhạc Tiền Chiến), Ngọc Hạ seems to be in her natural elements, where she is allowed to “paint” with her voice. These are not necessarily popular songs, some arguably considered semi-classical (“bán cồ điển;” more on this in a bit!) They however are songs by which serious singers are judged (against the likes of Thái Thanh and Thanh Thúy). Ngọc Hạ make them all seem effortless!