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Both Frontmedia and Cinnamon Interactive are organized, clean and surprisingly simple. While Frontmedia is fluid and slick in Flash, Cinnamon Interactive is hot and spicy in css.

College Years

Reading this post reminded me of my good old college days. The phrase “1 hour in class equivalent to 3 hours of study time” is way exaggerated. I hardly spent any time reading during college. In fact, after my freshman year, I stopped buying textbooks. They were a waste of money and I never read them. So how did I get through college? Of course I didn’t get straight As but some As and Bs were not bad for not reading textbooks either. First of, I never missed class time. Yes, it was very important not to missed class because my C grades turned into B with perfect attendants. Secondly, I listened carefully to the lectures and wrote down all the notes. At night, I would revised my notes to make it clearer and readable. The night before exam, I would spent three to four hours studied my notes. Yes, it worked every time. Well, except for one History class. I had a 12:30 class and my professor put me to sleep everyday with his monotone. The class started out with 19 students. Two weeks later, there was 11 left. After I bombed the first 2 exams in a row, I knew it was time for me to withdraw. I received a W on my report card but it didn’t effect my gpa. I had to take an extra class the following semester to make up for it. I still remember it till this day. Other than that, I was doing good.

Asian designers that inspired me: Yugo Nakamura, Gicheol Lee, Chris Dang and Hien Nguyen. I know there’s a lot more fantastic asian designers out there; however, these guys just came to my mind for the moment.

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