Confession of a Bad Son

Hip-hop lyrics could be frightening sometimes, especially coming from someone as heartless as Young Jeezy. Considering the following confession from his song entitled “Dreamin’”:

Mom’s smokin’ rocks
Same shit I’m sellin’
So who’s wrong, her or me?
She’s addicted to the high
I’m addicted to the cash
Almost put my hands on her
When I caught her in my stash.

Hip-hop is a form of expression. As listeners, we are responsible for making the distinction between art and reality. I love rap music as an art form, but never influenced by the content. As much as I like the ruthlessness in Jeezy’s rhymes, never in this life I would put my hands on my mama no matter how wrong she could have done to me. Even if she wants to kill me, I would not stop her. When I was bad, mom would make a half-chided remark like if she knew (I turn out that way), she would have pinched my noise and let me go when I was a baby. My reponse was it is still not too late, ma. You gave me this life; therefore, you’re the only one that can take it away from me. But deep down inside, I know that you won’t stop loving me even if I turn out to be a monster.