The New, Improved Mr. Dee

Didn’t expect it, but Dinh Tien Dat aka Mr. Dee makes some improvements with his sophomore solo, Giao Thong. The witty title track shows that Dee could craft a song based on a subject as mundane as traffic annoyances. While American rappers rhyme about anything cool but school, Dee makes it cool to be in school. On “Di Hoc,” he raps, “Nay cac ban nho phai that chiu kho / Dung thay qua kho ma cac ban lai bo / Vi trong cai kho moi lo cai khon.” Although his lyrical skill is still elementary, the positive message makes it justifiable. But that doesn’t mean Dee has not been making any progress with his writing. The autobiographical of “Chi Pheo” and the struggling of a homeless kid in “Khong Nha” proved that he has stepped up his storytelling artistry as well as his spontaneous deliveries and his ear-candy productions. Even if practice doesn’t make him perfect, it sure has paid off. Keep honing your skill, Dee!

Bonjour Vietnam