Ho Le Thu’s Eye-candy Album

Truth be told, the only reason I would cop Ho Le Thu’s latest album, Buon Oi, Chao Mi, is for the CD booklet. So I could get my jerk on. She’s not a bad of a singer, more like a bitch of a singer. I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way. She’s just the type that would make your dream gone wild, especially with the new breast enhancement. She’s sexy and she knows it. Even her voice has that sultriness in it, but she still has many learning to do to transport it into her music. Her covers of old tunes aren’t awful. She just doesn’t quite understand the art of interpretation. Maybe she just needs a good producer like Duc Tri who could craft some catchy beats for her. Thuy Nga gives her nothing but a set of mechanical arrangements to go with her uninventive deliveries.