The Pickup Album

Tuan Ngoc sings Tu Cong Phung songbook is a real treasure. It’s the best twelve dollars I had spent on an album. Beside the top-notch quality, such as singer’s vocals, musician’s arrangements, and writer’s lyrics, this rare gem could help you win a woman’s heart. Try to play this CD on a date. You don’t even have to say a word. Let the romantic voice of the charming man does all the talking for you. Really, who could resist Tuan Ngoc’s singing? He could reach beyond octaves and soar like a man who gives all his heart and soul to his lover. Take the title track, “Giot Le Cho Ngan Sau,” for example. At 4:40 minutes into the song, he takes off on the bridge, “Mot doi toi te tai…,” and just when you expect him to let his vocals evaporate into the air, he persists into the next passage, “Lang nghe muon cung sau hat xuong doi…,” without catching a breath. Even I could feel that shit, and I ain’t gay. Well, maybe not everyone could feel that shit, but if she (and her mom) hate “The master of closing his eyes and sings blindingly,” you don’t want her anyway. Drop her off, bye!