Tu Cong Phung’s Tinh Tu Mua Xuan

Em, lai day voi anh
Ngoi day voi anh
Trong cuoc doi nay
Nghe thoi gian luot qua
Mua xuan khe sang
Chung nhu khong gian dang suoi am nhung giot tinh nong.

This song goes out to the one who reminds me to buckle up when I drive, shows me direction when I got lost, pulls me back when I stepped over the line, showers me with plenty of music, puts up with all my jazz and rap, dares to criticize my music taste, above all, gives me this space to say whatever I like, and never judges me for whatever I write. I am grateful for that.

Who is she? Again, just my very own imagination. In reality, who would want to be with this foul-mouthed motherfucker? I should learn a thing or two from my man Tuan Ngoc. Maybe when I get to his age, but not right now. Still appreciate how he could take Tu Cong Phung’s simple lyrics and fly with them. Of course, Duy Cuong’s skillful arrangement plays no small role in Tuan Ngoc’s performance.