Vietnamese Hugh Hefner

After posting Pham Duy’s juicy “Thien Duyen Tinh Mong,” a reader sent me something even better—an album of Pham Duy dedicated to provocative sex entitled Nhuc Tinh Ca. Before each song begins, Pham Duy gives us a brief introduction of the erotic content. The track that grabbed my attention is a Japanese-translated “Nguoi Tinh Ben Goi.” Through her small, dark and slightly scratchy vocals, Luu Hong makes luscious love to Pham Duy’s lustful lyrics. In the song, Pham Duy describes his lover as an angel with a broken wing who came and begged him for some love. Just imagine fucking an angel and making, “Nang me mang, nang dam dui, nang choi voi, thoat len loi an can.” If screwing an angel is a sin, send me straight to hell for it.

Many have castigated Pham Duy for being too filthy for his age, but I am right behind him. I don’t see any Vietnamese songwriter pushes the boundary the way he does. In “Nguoi Tinh Trong Canh Tay,” he uses his own “vulgar” voice to express all the passionate details of holding a lover in his arms. All I can say is that Pham Duy is like Hugh Hefner in Vietnamese music. Keep the spirit alive, pops!