Aspiring Musician From Demark

I was requested to give my feedback on Ky Tran’s music back before Christmas break, but didn’t get a chance to get to it until now. My bad.

As stated on his site, Ky Tran is an amateur songwriter, and it shows through his work. In “Sexy Ladies,” a mid-tempo r&b pop, he wastes no time getting straight to the point: “Anh dang lang thang trong dem tim ve em / Da biet truoc em mong anh den [noi] (can’t make out the word, gotta pronounce the word clearly, bro) / Va lam tinh that nong nang voi em.” All he needs to do is sampling in 2pac’s “… screaming like you’re dying every time I am fucking you” and we have a real booty-breaking tune. Instead, his emphasis on “cung nhau ta di vao tinh ai…” gives me goose bumps. Don’t mind his slight raspy vocals, but the over float of honey is too much to handle.

I am not big on saccharine, trendy pop, but “Tinh Anh Chi Co Em” sure is catchy. If the tune is in Ung Hoang Phuc’s hand, I am sure he could get all the teenage chicks to sing along. Still, I have to give props to any Vietnamese youngster who writes and produces his own song. But you, my comrade, need to dig deeper into the dark corner where other Vietnamese musicians have not been to before. Push the limit. Be provocative, be controversial, and be heard. Make yourself stand out by being yourself.