Sure, Paris By Night is Entertaining

A fair comment from “a fair person” on my bitching of Asia 51:

Donny, how old are you? The voices you criticise Asia are so acid and angry [emphasis is mine], your sound like a man who is bitter after lost all your money at the casino and your old wife also left you for another man. You should go to learn the fine arts of criticise others to make your life lighter. What did you do for the VN music industry, except these reckless criticisms! If you have ability then, organise a CHEAP music show like Asia, that is the best way to prove your ability. If you can only criticise others irresponsibly like what you did now, it prove you are untalented ho ho.

As a reader of this site, you can see that I have no further interests in reviewing Vietnamese DVDs, which includes Asia, Thuy Nga, and Van Son. Not because of people’s comments, like the one from “a fair person” (which I find entertaining), but I am tired of writing the same old things like the videos doing the same old things. Yet, I am flattered that some readers still interested in my view by requesting and willing to loan me the DVDs so I can write about the latest Paris By Night.

Not that there aren’t any interesting things to say about these shows, but there simply aren’t anything new and exciting. To be fair, Paris By Night could be enjoyable if you don’t give a flying fuck about lip-sync, recycle of songs, mechanical productions, and Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen. Minh Tuyet’s ghetto ass still there; Truc Linh’s solid abs still there; and mad props to Ho Le Thu. She’s carrying the whole Silicon Valley on her chest. All the “Orange” County female singers should join Ho Le Thu in Silicon land. Paris By Night will be hotter than hell. Who wants to hear Khanh Ly with Tran Thu Ha (who looks a bit retarded while sitting there waiting for her verse) and Bang Kieu with Tuan Ngoc singing those old songs in the same old boring way? Just give me Ho Le Thu and more of that crazy bitch Kieu Oanh. That broad is way too damn hilarious, and she has been able to top herself from one act to the next. She was so good that by the time Hoai Linh came on screen (that doesn’t sound right), my jaws were too hurt to laugh.