Friday Round-up

Guan Zeju’s Timeless Series paintings. (I am speechless: so beautiful, so exquisite, so perfect, and so raw.)

Emmanuel Polanco’s graphic design portfolio. (The typographic works are spendid.)

Russell Peters on Viet Nam (Not offended at all since Russ has done many amusing cultural comics. This particular one on Vietnamese, however, isn’t as funny as the Indian shit: “Somebody going to get a hurt real bad.”)

Japanese Sex Slang (Not sure if it is an useful, but sure is interesting. For instance: Kusottare is literally “shit-drip.” So, you’re a shit-drip instead of an asshole. Nice!)

Wow! It sure is a Fantastic Machine.

The Passion of the Maya” (I was impressed with the title as if A.O. Scott refers to the special effects in the film produced by Maya 3D program. After reading the review, however, he refers to the Maya empire instead. Still want to see the film, though.)

The N-word: Russell Peters got away with his, but Michael Richards (Seinfeld’s Kramer) didn’t. Ooops!