Release Yourself

“I see no changes. Wake up in the morning and I ask myself.
Is life worth living should I blast myself?” -Tupac Shakur

No, I am not that depress (not yet). I can’t recall that I have ever been depressed even though I write like I am. But releasing the demon inside your head through writing isn’t so bad. At least writing helps me calm, relax, and say, “fuck the world” (that exists in my head), if I want to. I know people who write to help them get through their depressions, and I know people who are psychologically fucked-up because they have nowhere to escape, not even on a blank piece of paper. The ones that survived tend to do much better, not only with themselves but also with others, like their mission is to make life more beautiful. On the other hand, the ones couldn’t pull through suffer tremendously. So being able to write is a gift, not a curse. So let’s the trumpet blows, and “Release Yo’ Delf.”

Bonjour Vietnam