Y Lan – Hoi Tinh

Y Lan is one of those mamas who refuse to grow up. No crime in that, although you want to smack her sometimes for acting like a girl who just received her first period when she’s in her fifties. Even she admitted herself that she was born with it, so there is no point of changing it. The lady is just young at heart, soul, and sex.

When I first experienced her newest album, Hoi Tinh, I couldn’t figure out what the hell she was doing. There are folks, jazz, ballads, and even medley all roll into one. After several spins, however, I realized that the album is a huge sexual temptation. Right off the bat, she asks you (“Hoi Tinh”), love. Can you hear that she’s still calling you (“Con Nghe Tieng Goi”)? She can’t sleep at night waiting for the sun to rise so she can see you, love. You are her everything (“Anh La Tat Ca”), and it is you who takes all her worries away. She has enough of her old man who can’t seem to satisfy her anymore, as she confesses, “Thoi thi… thoi thi… nhu the cung song / Bao nam… bao nam chan goi trong hong gi dau? / Dang cay hon tui da nhieu / Le tuon nhu do tram chieu kho dau.” She needs a younger guy, someone who has enough strength to flip her world upside down because she is as wet as “Thac Do” (a Trinh Cong Son’s ballad). She also makes sure that you could hear her moaning and groaning, instead of scatting in the swing rendition of “Ao Lua Ha Dong.” And to make things more arousing, she’s mindfucking you up with “Khoa Than Dem,” a folks tune with lust, provocative lyrics that are full of lovemaking metaphors.

Y Lan is bad, but bad in a good way. If you’re a Catholic boy, I discourage you from listening to Hoi Tinh, because she will make you wanting to commit adultery. And that’s against the Lord.