Dance, Diddy Dance

Unlike Jay-Z, Diddy never gets the proper respect as a rapper even though he’s been in the game for who knows how long. That doesn’t bother him, and he doesn’t let it stop him from being an entertainer either. He still does what he does best: makes hip-hop hits for the broads. Somebody has to do it, and he knows he can’t do it alone; therefore, he invited everyone—from Nas to Twista to Big Boi to Mary J. Blige to Christina Aguilera to Jamie Foxx—to help his ass out with Press Play, his latest album. And unlike Cam’ron, Diddy makes sure he gets all the best beats to support his weak lyrics. Almost all the productions are tight to make you want to dance all night, and forget his shitty rhymes like, “Now that I have you here / Girl, let me take you there / Nothing can compare to fucking, fucking, my dear.”