After experiencing the Chanticleer live at Vassar College last night, I could see how it has deserved its title as “an orchestration of voices.” The a-cappella ensemble took us all the way back to 1901 classical music all the way up to contemporary jazz with twelve marvelous male vocalists ranging from soprano, alto, tenor to baritone and bass. The members were so in control of their voices that they blended together as a unit. The group performance of Korean’s folk tune, Jeeyoung Kim’s “Jindo Arirang,” was an exhilarated one. Eric Brenner‘s soprano voice sounded just like those Korean’s female opera singers when he shouted. Eric Alatorre, the man with the lovely mustache, has an intoxicating bass tone, particularly for the jazz cover. Of course, the group as a whole is spectacular. Check them out if you get a chance, especially those a-cappella freaks. (Yes, you Joseph!)