Is Ly Tong a Hero?

All I know is that Ly Tong was arrested for littering papers in Viet Nam. That’s how much I care about Vietnamese politics. Le Huy Phong of Heart2Exist, on the other hand, is more aware of controversy than I am. He even made an unauthorized biography of Ly Tong, in which he praises Mr. Tong as “The courageous son of mother Viet Nam.” Call me an ass all you want, but I can’t take Phong or the rest of his H2E crew seriously. Sure, I give him the credit for being original, but he has no flows, no rhyming skills, and nada delivering techniques. Oh yeah, the chorus singing is a joke, too. By the way, what the fuck is up with the hip-hop cai luong shit? Stop clowning, dog!