Crazy Juice

Back in middle school, I had Juice for breakfast before heading out to school, and then had Juice again before going to sleep. Juice was part of my daily routine for about a month. Now I am having Juice again on YouTube. The greatest moment in Juice comes on when Q (Omar Epps) called Bishop (Tupac Shakur) crazy (the scene can be watched at the end of this clip, starting at 08:30). You can see the soul-chilling, bone-wrenching, and I-don’t-give-a-fuck charisma on Pac’s face. The soundtrack, “Juice (Know the Ledge),” is also mad wicked. Rakim’s hardcore flows blazes like adrenaline rush over Eric B’s dope beat. Fucking juicy!

Oh shit! Didn’t even realize that today is 10 years after 2pac Shakur was gunned down. Here are some of the coverages on his memory:
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