Aspiring Vocalist From Québec

Tran Thai Hoa, goes by Hoa T.T. to differentiate himself from Thuy Nga’s popular male singer with the same name, is an aspiring pop singer who seeks for advice and feedback on his performances. His demos could be listened at his MySpace account. He has a decent voice: youthful and affectionate with a bit too much of honey (particularly on his rendition of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”). Although the demo tracks show his versatility in singing various styles as well as different languages (Vietnamese, English, and French), a distinctive voice is what he is lacking. Both “Loi Ru Cho Con” and “De Danh” are passable, but don’t leave a deep, long-lasting impression. It is a bold attempt to cover “Bonjour Vietnam” just right after the song has been trembling the Vietnamese’s community worldwide, let along in a much slower tempo. But he managed to pull it off with a chord progression approach. The tension-building arrangement allows him to express the lyrics in his own view of the homeland. Not bad at all, but there’s still tremendous amount of work to do to find a place in listeners’ heart. But do keep the passion and the spirit alive!