Food vs. Sex

In the August issue of BN Magazine, which could be read online at their Web site, Michelle Man gets up close and personal with an Vietnamese-French adult entertainer in “Katsumi: From Schoolgirl to Pornstar” (p.120). When Man asked, “What does sex mean to you?” Katsumi replied, “Sex is like food for me. It feeds me, it gives me pleasure, it’s always the discovery of new tastes, good or bad…” Is it just me or only pornstar thinks that sex is like food? Don’t give me wrong, I love sex. But if I have a choice between raw oysters and the punannies, I am going for the seafood. Shit, I might consider the second choice if it is spiced up with hot sauce, but I ain’t eating it raw, baby. How the fuck do you discover new tastes from sex? His saugage is a bit salty? How disgusting is that?