Cardin – Trai Tim Dai Kho (Foolish Heart)

In Asia’s Tinh Khuc Sau Cuoc Chien, Asia 4 paid homage to their hombre Cardin by hailing his music as the future of Vietnamese entertainment. They made it sounds like he’s the next Prince of Brownness who would revolutionize the music scene. You want to bitch-smack them, but you get it. They are still riding his midget dick, even though he kicked their ass to the curve. Now that is some real brotherly love right there baby!

Like I said, if Asia productions promote Cardin’s work as the new, hip joint, we’re in deep shit. His Trai Tim Dai Kho (Foolish Heart) is anything but modern. Who still listens to that obsolete freestyle beats on the title track and “Nang Sieu Nhan?” Let me not even touch on his lyrical writing. When he rides upbeats, his voice drowned inside them. When he croons slow-tempos, dude sounds like a pitiable bitch, especially on “She’s So Beautiful.” I get goose bumps as soon as he starts to sing. I thought Ung Hoang Phuc’s version of the sugary “Sau Mot Tinh Yeu” is unlistenable. Cardin’s rendition is simply unbearable. Can’t get any wimpier than that.

Feel bad for homeboy Chosen for having to do these Diddy craps like “Sending All My Love.” Why stuck by Trish, Da Nhat Yen, and Cardin rhyming over these horrendous pop tunes? You got the flow, get your own gig on, son. Speaking of Trish, Cardin is like her male version; therefore, they sound so damn tight together on “The Chase,” even though the music and the lyrics are corny as hell.

How could Cardin’s music be the future when he covers tunes from Boney M. and Modern Talking? They are two of the most antediluvian groups on the planet. I guess he’s trying to take us back to the future.