Four Years At Vassar

Last Friday, the web team at Vassar shut down shop and headed to the city for a much-needed break and to revive our creativities. We dropped by The International Center for Photography, MoMA, and had a long lunch at the Hudson Cafeteria. There’s nothing more rewarding than working with group of talented, humorous individuals. Last Saturday (August 19) marked my fourth year at Vassar. Time sure flies when you enjoy the work you do. Over the past few years, I have turned down all freelance projects to focus all my energy on Vassar. Every piece that I have churned out for the school, I am pleased with the result. Each site reflects both my personal style as well as the institution’s image. As for the campus environment, it has become part of my life, and the web crew is like my extended family. I am way too attached to this place. Thanks Vassar folks for making my working life enjoyable!