Lovable Crooner

It’s not hard to tell why Quang Dung gets mad love from his clear-heeled fans. He’s a romantic cat. His previous album, Em, is filled with sweet, lovely duets. His newest release, Yeu, finds Vietnamese-pop prince charmer than ever, especially with Dieu Huong’s ballads. From “Mot Doi Van Nho,” “Chi Co Mot Thoi,” “Doi Khong Con Nhau,” “Van Con Yeu” to “O Lai Ta Di,” Quang Dung has captured the musical articulation as well as the lyrical expression. Although he had done a flawless job of recovering “Vi Do La Em,” his vocal maneuverability isn’t as skillful as Tuan Ngoc’s. In Quang Dung’s version, the soul is there, but the technique is not. As for Trinh Cong Son’s portion, I am disappointed that Quang Dung recovers “Uot Mi,” “Tuoi Da Buon,” and “Tinh Nho.” Even though he sings these tunes with tremendous passion, they have been battered to death, and there is no way he could have saved them. Instead, he just added himself to the list of Trinh’s molester. Although his deliveries on “Chi Co Em Trong Doi,” “Cho Doi Chut On,” and “Con Ai Voi Ai” are passable, I prefer Yeu to be strictly a Dieu Huong’s songbook. It would make a fantastic album for lovers.