Real Love & Extended Family

Started off as a temporary marriage until she becomes a legit citizen, but they developed into a real relationship. That worked out well, except he’s 29 and she’s 43. Still, there’s no crime in that. Like I said, “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number,” but his families disapprove, and they think she cast voodoo on him (still a common practice in Cambodia?). Because of family pressures, he moved out to be with her. As a closed friend, I support his decision. Adviced him to do whatever he feels right and what makes him happy. I am sure the family will come around. These days, people fall in love with their heads first, not too many follow their hearts; therefore, he has my admiration for going with his feelings. Even if the relationship won’t work out later on, at least he will walk away without any regret because he has loved with all of his heart. So keep your head up and do your thang, boy. I am with you. Got nothing but love for ya.

My boy and I go way back to junior high years. Then I got to know his two younger brothers (also in their twenties) as well as the rest of his family. They sort of “adopted” me ever since they moved in a block from my sister’s house. I guess it is because of my dark skin advantage, which I have always been mistaken for a Cambodian, and I spend way too much time at their crib. Even now whenever I come to visit my sister, they always throw a BBQ or something. Can’t get enough of that banging Cambodian steak sauce (po hok) his mom made. One time, his pops, him, his youngest brother (who I hang out with most of the time nowaday), and I went to a buffet. Pops brought along his wife’s savory po hok and we clean the steaks up in the place. Damn those were the days. I still come over the house whenever I go back to Lancaster, but it is just not same without him around. These folks are real special to me, and I am thankful for the love they are giving me—my extended family.