Video Goddess

Being one of Thuy Nga’s hottest babes on stage for four years, Nhu Loan finally gets a shot at recording her debut Tinh Lang Cam. As much as Thuy Nga folks hate to invest their capital into her singing (they rather spend on her body), they have to bite the bullet, and get it over with. They feel obligated to throw her a bone for baring her skin all these years, even though they know damn well that she is no singer. She has a weak, baby voice with not just limited but no range at all. She delivers every song with the same monotone. I hope that the up-tempo tracks, including “Mua He Ky Niem,” “Dem Tu Tinh,” and “Yeu Anh Diu Dang,” would at least have decent beats for her to ride with. Unfortunately, even the productions are pretty mechanical, which doesn’t help her much at all. At for slow ballads, I feel no emotion going into the songs. In the opener “Nguoi Dien Biet Yeu,” all I hear is her breathy vocals with straight soulless flow. For art’s sake, do something “crazy” to express how a lunatic falls in love. But don’t worry baby, I still got mad love for your glowing, glistering stage presence. So please keep on shaking what your mama gave you, as well as what you gave yourself.