Back to Nature

Nowadays, many Vietnamese female singers scream out their souls to be heard, the new face Nguyen Thao barely glides into her soprano, and yet the light touch in her slightly raspy vocals brings us closer to human nature. Unlike Ngoc Khue or Vuong Dung, she doesn’t bring a new style to the pop scene, but she invites us back to the beauty of serenity in her debut Suoi va Co. With the support from nature-inspired lyricist Duong Thu and tranquil productions from Anh Quan and Son Thach, the album is fantastic for a peaceful, quiet experience. In the opening track, “Uoc Muon,” her voice floats like breezing air over the ethereal, bossa nova-inflected arrangement. In “Yen Lang,” her unctuous vocalization wraps around the luscious piano licks like water cascading down from a quiet waterfall. She has also done a marvelous job of redelivering “Bay Vao Ngay Xanh” (even though Thanh Lam, Hong Nhung, and My Linh had covered it successfully) with the funk-flavored feel. Not bad at all!

Bonjour Vietnam