No More Pain

Thuc dem moi biet dem dai
That tinh moi biet tinh dai hon dem
Mot doi sao mai chang quen
Vi tinh guc nga cho duyen lo lang

Thanks Joseph for sending me this suicidal shit! If your heart is broken, do not pick up Tam Doan’s Guc Nga Vi Yeu. You may have to kill your soul, if not yourself. Lucky for me, it is not a Truong Vu’s album. If he sings the title track, I would have started digging my own grave while listening to it. Tam Doan doesn’t sound too dramatic. In other words, she lacks the emotion and the pain to croon heart-shattering songs. I don’t blame her. In fact, I am happy for her because that means her marriage with Tien Dung is doing great. Not only her voice is soulless, but the productions from Thuy Nga’s main man, Tung Chau, are also pretty bland. The duet with Manh Quynh in “Go Cua” is the least tragic vong co (opera) I have ever heard. No chemistry and no sentimental exchange whatsoever between the two. She sings vong co like reading a poem complemented by the mournful accompaniment. After all, her album may sound boring, but her life off the mic is good. It’s rare to find a singer who is willing to give up her career for her love. It’s time for Tam Doan to switch to dance pop. It would fit her mood better for now or maybe until the relationship turns sour. Gotta go with the feelings, baby!

Bonjour Vietnam