Viet Voices has been the space for me to discuss music because I couldn’t find any other Vietnamese voices, until now. Allow me to introduce Thang D. Nguyen who is a writer, saxophonist, and music critic (mostly modern jazz and Vietnamese pre-war songs). His bio reads: “Thang D. Nguyen is a writer, editor, and communications consultant. He pens frequently on Indonesian and Asian affairs for international and major Asian newspapers. His publications include three books: Indonesia Matters, The Malaysian Journey, and The Indonesian Dream.” His essays could be read on his blog at Thang D. Nguyen’s Column. While he has a wide range of topics, what intrigues me the most is his knowledgeable view on jazz.

Here is another music writer who visits Don’t know what he does for a living but he writes music as a hobby like me. He has a very interesting range.

Hit me up, if there’s more Vietnamese voices out there.