No More Drama

In my review of Ngay Do Co Em, I pointed out the relationship between Duong Trieu Vu and Dam Vinh Hung, and now Mr. Dam uses Brokeback Mountain to express his homo love in Giai Thoat, his latest release. Whether the spoof is his marketing campaign or personal statement, I have no interest in Dr. Dam’s sex identity. I am sure he doesn’t want to define himself either. Musically, he is getting more and more pathetic, and can’t come up with anything new. Even on the bluesy “Anh Don Em Ve,” he applies the same style with his earlier rendition of “Noi Long.” For Chris’ sake, switch up the flow or something, but I guess he and his fans are comfortable with the melodrama crap he puts out. So let’s not give the Brokeback bitch any more grief.