Listening to Hip-hop

Nas’s “Where Ya’ll At?” from his upcoming Hip Hop is Dead. Yes, hip-hip indeed is losing her touch. I haven’t feel anything from her lately.

Busta Rhymes’s “Untouchable” featuring Rah Digga and Spliff Star. Ra Digga spits, “The only thing tighter than my rhymes is the puss.” Not all puss are tight, alright!

I am not ashame to admit that this kracker was the one that got me hooked into hip-hop. How ironic? Don’t tell me that you didn’t like that “Ice Ice Baby” shit. It was so damn groovy. Also check out his rendition of Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor.” Looks like fans outside the States are still feeling him. Maybe he’s the cat that could bring back hip-hop, and not Nas, Jay-Z, or Common.