Khanh Linh’s Sophomore Slump

What in the world is Khanh Linh doing with her sophomore Ban Mai Xanh? She is trying way too hard to be modern, yet her soprano voice, which is more adequate for traditional music, hardly flows with the contemporary productions. Quoc Trung’s electronic arrangement is rich and colorful on “Ngay Khong Mua,” but Khanh Linh’s languorous delivery works against it. I can’t even believe what the hell I am listening to when she attempts to swing on Nguyen Manh Cuong’s “Du Anh Khong Den.” Through her flow and lacking of technical skills, I could sense that she has no groove at all. Even the keyboard solo swings much better than her vocals. When she goes schmaltzy on Giang Son and Nguyen Vinh Tien’s “Giac Mo Trua,” her breathy, windy delivery is definitely suitable for an afternoon nap. I had hope for her when she released her debut, but I am completely disappointed now. She has a remarkable voice, but damn she is using it wrong.

Bonjour Vietnam