Funny Things

It’s funny to hear how Truong Ky keeps reemphasizing that Tuan Anh is differ from everyone else, and no one else is similar to him, in a VOA broadcast. Like we haven’t already known that Tuan Anh is an oddball. As queer as he is, Tuan Anh is a wonderful PR himself. He had successfully convinced the audience to accept him for who he is or what he projects on stage. Who could have a much harder time than him in doing that? Just when I thought pointing out PR to a Vietnamese singer is like playing chess with a retarded kid, he proves me wrong. He is wise enough to recognize that showing his face on every video is not a good thing. Listening to him in live concert is quite an experience. Not only he could pour his heart out into a song (his performance of “Mot Lan Mien Vien Xot Xa” still stuck in my head), but he could also interact with the audience. He is quite an entertainer, and a clever one too.

It’s funny to read an article on pirating music, yet no one knows who is the original writer. What even funnier is when listening to both of the demos embedded in the article they called hip-hop. I call them Vietnamese Milli Vanilli.

It’s funny how every time I write a post on Trinh Cong Son album, readers always refer back to Khanh Ly. I am not being offensive here, but let me get my point across. There is no innovation in Khanh Ly’s performances. That’s not a bad thing at all. She sings his music the way Trinh wanted his music to be sung. That’s good because I can use Khanh Ly as a based model to hear how other singers break free from his original intention. Even Thanh Lam admitted that no one could sing Trinh’s music better than Khanh Ly; therefore, she had to find her own niche.