Like I haven’t have enough hate on my own site. Now I am getting my balls cut off by Minh Tuyet’s fans over at Thuy Nga’s forum after someone posted my review of Boi Vi Anh Yeu Em. Yes, I did expect it to happen so I am not going to sweat it, but I find some of the comments to be amusing. So let me repost some of them with my short responses to entertain myself. Believe it or not, I also am too embarrassed to step into strip clubs. The college days and fraternity’s Rush weeks are over. So here are some of the comments about me that I find entertaining:

that dude is always harsh! I admire his honesty but god geeze, he’s so bias! he trashes on every single pretty singer (male or female!) – puppyLo16

Voice has no appearance, puppy. But keep on barking!

That visualgui dude is into Dam Vinh Hung….I rest my case! – 411

For the 411, let me quote myself: “Mr. Dam is done. It’s time to drop the mic and pick up the clipper.” So do some damn research before opening up your mouth, or as Jay-Z is saying, “Dickface, get your shit straight.”

Seriously… it’s WRONG, guys dont like DVH… lol !!!! no kidding… that’s probably why he doesnt think Minh Tuyet is hot… he’s into guys, not girls !!!! lol :] – t_ninjia

Brilliant concept but not so convincing. You should say something like this: “He’s into guys, not girls. Girls can’t handle him because he has a PhD… Pretty Huge Dick, that is.” Now that makes more sense than arguing that if a guy doesn’t think a girl is hot, he’s into guys.

Cynicism attracts readers – a cheap tactic employed by irresponsible reviewers. This is nothing but typical of such rubbish… – Le_Chi

Maybe my writing is rubbish, at least my piece isn’t filled with ass-kissing shit like, “Overall I’m delighted to have this album. Good music, best vocals, outstanding arrangement with a healthy mix of metals, strings, and a touch of sax. The song selection is meticulous considering the variety, the layout, and the quality of each and every song. Great job!”