Thuy Nga’s Target

According to the sitcom, “Con Duong Nghe Thuat Chong Gai,” in Paris By Night 81: Am Nhac Khong Bien Gioi 2, I am not qualified to criticize Thuy Nga’s product since I didn’t pay twenty five bucks for it, even though I get to watch the original DVD. I am not interested in writing another review since ninety-six percent of the video is garbage anyway. Yes, even Tuan Ngoc’s performance is awful. Mad kowtows, however, to his pops Lu Lien. Even with such an unaesthetic program, Thuy Nga still manage to sell their product, and I have to give their marketers the credits for that. They know their real consumers, and they know how to entertain them. Who are they targeting? The Vietnamese married men.

Unlike American married men who find their entertainment in strippers, Vietnamese married men are either too shy or too scared to step into strip spots, and Thuy Nga marketers see that. Somebody has to entertain the Vietnamese married men because their wives don’t. When was the last time a wife stripped her for man? She makes love to him, but she doesn’t tease him. Part of a wife’s responsibility is to make sure her man gets his mandicine. And when a woman works twelve hours a day (many Vietnamese women do), she just wants to get it done and over with. So she would give him a quick blowjob, just enough for him to be hard for five minutes. After that she could get a peaceful rest. She satisfies his needs, but won’t entertain him. So he has to find another way to entertain himself.

Why and how do Thuy Nga marketers target Vietnamese married man? Buying a Thuy Nga’s video is like killing birds with one stone. He could get his fantasy on while watching Paris By Night’s video with his wife and kids. Thuy Nga are so clever at incorporating PG-13 entertainment into their videos. Let’s take Minh Tuyet’s performance of “Da Khong Yeu Thi Thoi” for example. She is so good at stripping that she doesn’t even need a pole, and Thuy Nga wouldn’t want it to be so obvious either. To take the performance to the next level, they wanted to give a sense that she is floating in the air by grabbing on to the red curtain. To pull this off, they have four strong hands behind the curtain supporting her ghetto booty (Damn! I want that job). She works like a professional stripper while the camera focuses on her slightly sagged breasts. She even pulls off some of her garments. If her presentation is not a strip tease, I don’t know what is. Minh Tuyet is not alone, the usual suspects includes Nhu Loan, Bao Han, Loan Chau, Ho Le Thu, Thuy Tien, and Luu Bich.

To show how much a Vietnamese married man loves his wife, he would run out and buy Thuy Nga’s DVDs whenever they release regardless if they are good or bad as long as the whole family can enjoy. He could sleep through other performances as well as Nguyen Ngoc Ngan’s and Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen’s yakidiyak, just make sure to wake him up when the girls come on stage.