Chosen Da MC

Chosen One got the flow and delivery, which are cool for club joints and clowning on Asia’s videos. When it comes to serious hip-hop, however, he is only half way there. He’s lacking the personal expression and the lyrical wit to make a distinctive voice as a rapper. His political statement in “World News” is weak and his technique is stilted. Both “Lyte It Up,” and “Still the Same” are lost in the gangsta shit with the same damn weed-puffing, women-dissing, and amateur-beefing contents, nothing new. Despite the saccharine lyrics, I am feeling that west coast funk in “L.A. Underground Part 2” and Chosen’s dope flow. Still, homeboy has a long way to go in term of lyricism. Keep listening to your mentors (Pac, Nas, Jigga, and AZ) and find your own voice, C.