Handful of Links

Bonsoir Monsieur Chu (Xin Chao Ong Chu) is a spendid short animation about a simple Vietnamese lifestyle. The film, produced by Stéphanie Lansaque and François Leroy, is well executed. The synopsis (in French) and the credits could be found at ARTE. (Thanks Quynh Tram).

Vassar Innovators. Idea, research, and written by Julia Vandevelder, and designed by Chris Silverman.

SimpleBits realigned. Like the colors, but not too crazy about the fluid columns.

Simmons College. Rich use of colors, clean, and organized.

Coudal. Just dig the simplicity, what more can I say?

Quark rebranded once again.

Dave Devries’s Monster Engine. Dave takes children’s drawings and renders them into freaky monsters. Might frighten your kids, especially the Wonder Woman, so be careful!

Lil’Kyle, a friend’s kid, got that pimp juice from me.

The Friends, the passion and the simplicity in Trinh’s music” (The article is written in Vietnamese). The Friends will hold down a Trinh’s music night in memory of the talented musician on April 1 in Santa Ana, Ca. From the article, the band is going to incorporate jazz and semi-classical flavors into Trinh’s compositions. Sounds very interesting! If you’re in the area, come out, enjoy the show and let us know what’s up? (Joseph, I know you’ll be there.)