Photo Credits

From the beginning, I have never felt easy using copyrighted photos on “Bonjour Viet Nam” without asking for permissions. What worse is that I didn’t even give the photographers the credit they deserved. I was taking a risk and putting my ass on the burner for a lawsuit. Now that the piece is all over the web, the chance has increased. Fortunately, I didn’t even get a threatening email. One of the photographers, Hoang Nhiem, whose work is accountable for 90% of the slideshow, has discovered the piece through Thanh Nien News. Of course, he has every right to be upset with me, but he didn’t. When I explained the situation, he totally understood. Hoang Nhiem not only has agreed for me to use the photos courtesy of HNH Images, but also offered an opportunity to collaborate in the future. I am very graceful for that. In addition, thanks to the readers who have recognized the work of Pham Hong Hai and Doan Duc Minh. If you guys come across the name of the photographers whose work I have used, please let me know. I would like to once again apologize to all the photographers and thank them for allowing me to use their work. It’s a good thing that I don’t have to pull another plug because of copyright issue—at least not until Marc Lavoine and Pham Quynh Anh knock on my door.