Spring Has Come

Woke up early this morning, washed up my baby before the place is packed and got all that nasty salt off her. She deserved a nice bath for working hard during the winter. I also did my laundry. While I was drying my clothes, I had a chance to exchange a few words with a woman who washes, dries and folds clothes for people who are too damn lazy to do their own dirty laundry. I asked her typical questions like how much it would cost to wash a bag of clothes. As we were folding at the same table (I was more like pairing up my shocks and throw everything into my basket), she told me, “I fold pretty neat.” I just smiled and watched her carefully managing men’s Fruit-of-the-Loom draws with some thoughts running through my mind. When Americans (only the discriminated ones) said that, “you immigrants come here and take over our jobs,” I was disturbed, but this woman made me feel a bit guilty. From the way she breathes heavily in and out, I could tell she hates her job, but she’s not complaining and whining about it. The weather is gorgeous outside and people just dumped their shit on her. She gets paid hourly; therefore, her check is still the same no matter how much clothes she washed. I hate doing laundry myself and I only do it when I almost have nothing clean to wear. Imagine working forty hours a week, not including weekend, just doing laundry would drive me insane; therefore, I respect her for what she has to do to make ends meet.