Dam Vinh Hung’s Ill-fashion

It seems like the only thing Dam Vinh Hung can brag about these days is his obsessions with brand-name design: “I got a small suitcase for $2,000.” Wow! I am so impressed. In another interview, he said that he dropped 35 Gs on designers’ clothes. I am sure he can spend that much with the kind of money he’s making, but the brand doesn’t make a man. In Lan Song Xanh 2005-2006, Mr. Dam hosted the show and changed clothes every time he appeared on stage. Yet, he looked ridiculous most of the time. When he performed “Bac Tinh,” dude rocked high boots, tight pants, and faux-fur scarf that goes with his Kangol-styled cap. I just can’t believe that fool blew all that money on those junks. If I were DVH, I would take five grants to get some Armani suits and invest the rest else or donate to the needy. Thirty Gs can feed many hungry children in Viet Nam. He’ll get more respect that way than the craps he puts on his scrawny, flapped figure.

Update: I found some photos on his site
The infamous “Bac Tinh” performance I mentioned.
Unmatching reds. I haven’t seen them red jeans since ’95.