Cu Lao (Vietnamese Hotpot)

My goodness, didn’t realize that I haven’t post anything in the Eatery section since November. That means I haven’t been eating well. If mom finds out she would get a rage. Here is a typical conversation with mom over the phone:

Mom: Danh ha? (Even my mom skips the “O” in my name. She didn’t come up with Doanh. Daddy did.)
Me: Da. (who else, ma?)
Mom: Did you eat yet? (She speaks in Vietnamese of course.)
Me: Yes (While making instant noodles.)
Mom: What did you have?
Me: Steak and rice.
Mom: Did you make a salad with that?
Me: Of course! How was work?
Mom: (Goes on spill out the unpleasant experience she had with her boss and colleagues.)
Me: Told you to retired!
Mom: Soon!

What does the conversation has to do with Vietnamese hotpot? Nothing at all, but here is the delicious Cu Lao, which is great to have in the winter. Eating Cu Lao gives me a warm, family-oriented atmosphere. Cu Lao was the only reason I loved to go to the wedding in Viet Nam. Most of the time, Cu Lao would be included in the menu. In American, every Vietnamese wedding is served with Chinese food. What is up with that? I am dropping a hundred bucks, at least give me some Cu Lao. Although Cu Lao is made up of mixed variety of things (meat, veggies, seafood), they all become one savory flavor with different textures, unlike a “cu lao” album, which changes my mood like a girl at that time of the month again.