The Star Still Shines

Although our beloved Ngoc Lan drew her last breath on this day five years ago, her name has yet to be forgotten. In my heart, she is still a scintillating star that will never diminished; therefore, I dedicated a theme called Star for to remember one of the most magnificent voices in Vietnamese music. And I am not alone.

Besides her fans world wide, the late songwriter Vo Thuong also expressed his love toward the Star. Three years ago, he had written a tune called “Tieng Hat Ngoc Lan” and handed it to Jazzy Da Lam—a young jazz musician who I have a great respect for on both professional and personal level—with a wish that she could arrange and perform the piece for him. Before Jazzy could fulfill his request, Vo Thuong passed away due to severe illness.

After Vo Thuong united with Ngoc Lan, Jazzy went on and recorded the song based on the feelings he had shared with her about Ngoc Lan. With the emotion she has for the songwriter combined with Vo Thuong’s sentiment for Ngoc Lan, Jazzy delivers a breathtaking performance with her soul-soothing voice. And the virtuosity of her keyboarding added an exquisite texture to the work. Although Vo Thuong didn’t get to hear the final product, he is up above telling Ngoc Lan how proud he is with Jazzy’s accomplishment.

Thanks Jazzy for sharing something very special with all of Ngoc Lan’s fans. Thanks Vo Thuong for the beautiful “Tieng Hat Ngoc Lan.” R.I.P. Ngoc Lan and Vo Thuong.

Added: A brief compliment on Ngoc Lan from Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen and Nguyen Ngoc Ngan on Paris By Night 60.