Marketing Scam

Tuan Ngoc and Cam Van’s Loi Ve is a straight jack-off. I am very disappointed with Tuan Ngoc since the album released under his production (Bich Thu Van). The back cover listed twelve tracks altogether: Five from Cam Van, four from Tuan Ngoc, which could also be found on other albums of his, and three labeled as song ca (duet). I assumed that the duet is from Tuan Ngoc and Cam Van, yet it turns out to be Cam Van and her hubby Khac Trieu, and his name didn’t even get listed. Not only I don’t dislike Khac Trieu, but I also feel bad for the man who hides behind his woman’s shadow like a ghost. Cam Van is the better half when it comes to music, but sneaking in on an album without even being acknowledged is just pathetic. He only makes more obvious that he isn’t anything without her. I am in no way trying to ruin their relationship, but he needs to stand on his own feet, and handles his business like a man. If I can’t design better than my wife, I’ll go filing nails or do something else.