John Coltrane Sang With His Sax

When John Coltrane recorded “Psalm,” the forth piece on his classic A Love Supreme, he was actually reciting a poem, which has the same title as the LP, he wrote with his saxophone. Although Coltrane hinted in his liner notes—”The last part is a musical narration of the theme, ‘A Love Supreme,’ which is written in the context”—no one knew about it until Lewis Porter discovered it eighteen years later after Trane’s death. Reading Trane’s poem while listening to his solo yields an amazing experience. One can feel Trane’s spiritual expressions through his superb phrasings. I am sure all the jazz freaks already know about it, but I still want to share with those who have yet to experience Trane’s marvelous accomplishment. So download the poem, which is taken from “John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme: Jazz Improvisation as Composition” by Lewis Porter, and sing along with the music.