My Tam – Duong Nhu Ta Da

On Duong Nhung Ta Da, My Tam brings out the rocker side of her. No violation in that. I am not a rock punk, but still feel her head-banging rendition of “Tinh Phai” by Nguyen Ngoc Tai and Phan Thi Nguyet Hong. I haven’t heard that song for ages (way back in Lam Truong’s golden years), and she has revived it with her clear, full-of-vibrato and powerful voice.

With Trinh Cong Son’s “Doa Hoa Vo Thuong,” My Tam stretches out to nine minutes long moving from patriotic vibe to hardcore, rocked-up flavor. As if we aren’t convinced yet how much love she has for her country, she boasts up Luu Huu Phuoc and Huynh Van Tien’s “Len Dang” like she really feels her Service Men. The first line, “Nao anh em ta cung nhau xong pha len dan,” sounds awfully familiar—as if I had sung it back in grade school. Besides the vocals differences, My Tam sounded much more enthusiastic than I was.

When not making noise with the electric guitar, My Tam eases back to a soothing mode on “Nho,” her own composition. Her technical skills on here show tremendous improvements. She sounds effortless and breathless. Other than the romantically dull title track (her spanking new piece), the album has a few rockable moments, something for a change from a sweet-pop chick.