Style and Soul

Many singers, especially Vietnamese, better off to be enjoyed on CD than on stage, Ho Ngoc Ha is not one of them. She’s an exceptional live performer. I overlooked her talent because I was expecting another incompetent model-turned-singer. Until recently I came across some of her live performances video, I realize what I have been missing. Although her voice has yet to convince me, her stage charisma leaves my jaw hanging. On the pop/hip-hop of Phuong Quynh’s “Anh Da Ra Di,” she impresses with her choice of attires (elegant and sexy without being slutty), slick moves, and that smile is a killer. Although her rap delivery is bearable, who really gives a damn to what she has to say when she looks that hot? With Duc Tri’s “Tung Ngay Dai,” her voluptuous grooves take my breath away. Love the way she works her gorgeous black hair, like Angelina Jolin is in the house. The album version of Huy Tuan’s “24 Gioi 7 Ngay” is nothing comparing to live one. It must be that stylish green dress and the delicious stage work, which benefited for her catwalk experience. Even though Tran Van Khanh’s “Noi Long” is sported by an intoxicating mid-tempo funk flavor, HNH focuses mostly on perfecting her flow, and the result is a soulful seduction. Her jazz’s maneuverability combined with her small, exotic voice floored me. I don’t understand what’s the deal with a huge red bow she wears on her chest, but the girl still has style. Now I can see why so many men want to bone her. She has both body and soul. As for me, a smile is all I would request from her.