Ao Dai’s Motion Presentation

Last year the creative folks at Ao Trang contracted me to do a Flash presentation to showcase their white-dress photography. I browsed through the collection and was impressed with the aesthetic visual Hoai Nam has captured, especially with the focus on the sensuous body’s form. The silky-smooth ao dai flows like streams of poetry around the curvaceous figures. What sets Ao Trang’s work apart is how the simple, plain and traditional ao dai could produce such a pure, expressive and modern Vietnamese’s beauty.

Although I couldn’t take on a freelance work at that time, I always had the project in the back of my mind. So when the time is right, I contacted Ao Trang’s staff for the photos and offered a collaborative effort instead of a business deal so that we both hit the same goal, to display Vietnamese white-dress—one of our essential, cultural costumes.

After sorting through the exquisite set of photos, I needed a song that has both traditional and contemporary vibes in order to support the graphics. Went through my extensive collection and the track that jumps out at me is Thuy Tien’s “A Oi” from her Ngot & Dang album. The fusion of Vietnamese folk poetry and ambient futuristic sound, which gave the song an organic, eccentric flavor, is exactly what I was looking for. Thuy Tien’s idiosyncratic delivery added a rich, lyrical texture to the images. The end result is quite interesting.

With no further introduction, and are proud to present our jointed project: “Ao Dai Trang A Oi.”