Design PostSecret Yourself

Reading other people’s deep secret could be addictive, especially when we come across something we can relate to. I find myself flipping through PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions From Ordinary Lives compiled by Frank Warren again and again. Not only because of the shocking, disturbing and amusing stories, but also the clever designs that bring out the messages. People get creative and passionate when they try to convey their secrets. If I ever become a design instructor, I would apply the concept of PostSecret to encourage students to explore their creativities. Even as simple as cutting and pasting texts from magazines. They have chosen the appropriate typography to express their emotions. In any rate, pick up PostSecret if you want something interesting to read. Send Warren a postcard if you have a secret to share. Want to see some examples? Drop by

So if you’re feeling inspired and would like to design a PostSecret to enlightening your life. D.I.Y. Design It Yourself is a book you might want to look into. I like the way Ellen Lupton, author of Thinking With Type, defines design as, “an instrument for packaging ideas and making them public. People who have access to design tools can make tangible their own knowledge and concepts.” From electronic media (blog, Web sites) to print materials (books, logos, stationary), the faculty and students of Maryland Institute’s Graphic Design MFA program put together a fine book helping you to do your own things. As a web designer, I can always turn to this book for quick solutions if I need to do anything that is not web-related. With gorgeous illustrations and clear instructions, you can’t go wrong with just twenty bucks. In fact, you can check out the accompanied web site to see some samples of the book.