Viet Nam’s Beauty Slideshow

Inspired by Pham Quynh Anh’s “Bonjour Viet Nam” and striking shots of Viet Nam’s landscapes, I put together a slideshow for my personal pleasure. I have read the translation and understood Marc Lavoine’s lyrics; however, I was not interested in accommodating the content of the song. I just needed the melody to complement the gorgeous images; therefore, no film-de-Coppola or war graphics are included. Furthermore, I have always wanted to incorporate French music into one of my motion pieces, and this song is just perfect.

As for the magnificent photos, I found them over at Vietnamese Meetup forum. I knew one day I will find a good use for them; therefore, I saved the images and asked for the photographers’ credits. The only guy that knows the authors is Andy who posted the photos. Although I didn’t get the authors’ permission, Andy said, “Donny, feel free to use [them]. I’ll update you when I locate the author(s) of these stunning sets.” I am going to take his words for it and hopefully the authors will be cool with it too since I am only using the photos for my own reflections of my homeland and won’t make a penny out of them.