Dang The Phong and Bui Cong Ky’s “Giot Mua Thu” (1939)

Finally founded a full version of “Giot Mua Thu” performed by Thanh Thuy. Too bad the quality is incredibility low.

Anh Tuyet’s rendition is also breathtaking. The quality is much better here.

I also come across an English translation of the lyrics by Jason Gibbs, a composer, performer, and researcher of music. His essay on Vietnamese popular music is worth reading.

Outside on the veranda, the
autumn rain is gently falling.

The somber sky is quieting,
suspended clouds are

Amidst the muffled wind
blowing past in the autumn
rain, who’s crying? who’s

A couple of young birds chirp
from the branch as if
auguring blue skies:

“Stop wind, why bring sad
rain to a plaintive heart?”

Autumn’s spirit arrives,
announcing the sadness it
brings along

Feelings empty on all sides,
for there’s no screen to block
the returning wind

Who’s sobbing, lamenting
life, teardrops rush down?
The world’s immeasurably

We hope the clouds will
scatter bringing sweet gentle
breezes. The clouds open up
to blue sky

Could such happiness be?
The rain continues to fall,
how many more incarnations
until this melancholy

The distant wind still returns,
the unyielding rain spreads
its gloom

Oh sky, for how many more
years will tears pour from the
sky because of autumn?