Nguyen Hong Nhung – Niem Dau Da Qua

Sure, Nguyen Hong Nhung is the chick with a rep up to her neck. But don’t let those pornographic images interfere with her music. She has done nothing wrong but trusted that two-inch penis, insecure ex-boyfriend of her who exploited their sexual intercourse to the world. That sell-out prick should have been glad that he boned a star. Yes, I said it. Nguyen Hong Nhung is a star, and her debut Niem Dau Da Qua attests it.

I don’t mean she is the greatest singer. In fact, she’s only a passable warbler with a limited vocals range, but she recognizes her limitations, and only works within her comfortable zone. She also knows how to select songs that are appropriate for her style.
With the help of Nguyen Quang’s colorful and powerful arrangements, she has reinvigorated Tran Tien’s “Sac Mau,” despite how many times Tran Thu Ha has tried to reinvented it every time she performs. Furthermore, she gives Trinh Cong Son’s “Dau Chan Dia Dang” a delicious rendition, Nguyen Anh 9’s “Tinh Yeu Den Trong Gia Tu” a voluptuous delivery, and Ngo Thuy Mien’s “Niem Khuc Cuoi” a sentimental presentation.

While the world would expect to see her carrying on her shamefulness, she comes out swinging to the paso-doble rhythm on Nguyen Anh 9’s “Sac Xuan” like nothing has ever happened. And she doesn’t sound like she’s pretending to have a good time either. Nguyen Quang plays a major role on this album. Not only he contributes illustrious productions, but also supports her on his “Xin Hay Quen Di,” and has written the title track exclusively for her. So when she floats heartfelt over “Niem Dau Da Qua,” she lets us know that the pain has left her mind and soul (which is what the title suggests), the scar has healed, and she has already moved on. Good for you, girl.